Announcement about Beginner Turkish

There are 2 sections at 106 Beginner Turkish . Each sections are 4 hours in a week.

106 section 1: (the code you should write at add-drop: 6420106 section:1)

Monday: 10.40-12.15 G.102 Friday: 08.40-10.15 YP-D106

106 section 2: (the code you shoud write at add-drop: 6420106 section 2)

Tuesday: 10.40-12.15(classroom is not definite) Friday: 10.40-12.15 YP-D201

Students should come 4 hours in a week. If clashing with other courses they can mix the lessons.

Monday 10.40 and Tuesday 10.40 lesson will be the same, Friday 8.40 and Friday 10.40 lesson will be the same.

So, students can come

• Monday 10.40 and Friday 8.40;

• Monday 10.40 and Friday 10.40;

• Tuesday 10.40 and Friday 8.40,

• Tuesday 10.40 and Friday 10.40.

Students should choose one of these four options.

You cannot make a combination: Monday 10.40 – Tuesday 10.40 or Friday 8.40 – Friday 10.40

Coming 2 hours to the lesson is not possible. Please don't offer to me. If you have clashings don't add the course. You can take Turkish 106 lesson following years.

Don't forget that attendance is compulsory!

Students will add the course at add-drop period. The lessons will start on this monday (26th February) (also attendance!!) While adding the course if you're mixing the sections just register any of the sections.

For Tuesday the classroom is not definite yet. Please check the classroom from the system before coming.

The students from Faculty of Education are adding Turkish Course with a different code. It s 6420108. Please don't try to add 106. You have to add 108 from the system. But you'll join the lessons with 106 if you're beginner level.

See you at the lessons.

Best, Dr. Esra Darıcı

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